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Learn How to Develop Computer Games at Celebrate Science Indiana on Saturday, October 7

Andy Harris from IUPUI will be back again with two talks on computer game development at Celebrate Science Indiana in the Elements Financial Blue Ribbon Pavilion at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on Saturday, October 7. His talks have been very popular at Celebrate Science Indiana in past years.

Both talks will be held in the classroom at the West end of the Elements Financial Blue Ribbon Pavilion. There will be directional signs as you enter Celebrate Science Indiana through the main doors of the Elements Financial Blue Ribbon Pavilion and signs at the entrances to the classroom.


Spend some time with Andy Harris, Senior Lecturer of Computer Science at IUPUI and author of many books in the Dummies series, as he describes how to go from no experience at all to building your very first game with coding. He will explain how to get started in game development and why math and science are such critical skills for a game developer to learn. He will show how to build games with no expensive tools, just a text editor and browser. This will be a fun and lively talk suitable for all ages.

BUILDING A 3D GAME – 1:00 to 2:00 PM

Andy Harris, Game development author and teacher, will be showing how to build a complete 3D game with entirely free tools. He will demonstrate the key concepts of creating a game in 3D including basic modeling, texturing, user input, collision management, and more. This talk will be suitable for any age, but the content will move very quickly as there are many details to 3D game development.

If you cannot make his talks, you can meet with Andy Harris at the IUPUI Computer Science booth at Celebrate Science Indiana.

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