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Celebrate Science Indiana 2017 will be held on Saturday, October 7 – Save the Date

Spring is coming, birds are arriving and the grass is greening. That means it is also time to start planning for Celebrate Science Indiana 2017. Wow, is October 7th that close? No, but it is the time to save the date.

Celebrate Science Indiana is a family friendly way to explore and enjoy scientific inquiry. Meet scientists from all walks of life. One of them may be your next door neighbor, a teacher from you school or someone else you know; a family member or personal friend perhaps?

Celebrate Science Indiana has been welcoming 4,000 guests each year since 2011. We take pride in seeing our guest’s faces as they explore frozen bubbles, learn about the human body, and have fun with one another over the course of the day.

Celebrate Science Indiana is a free public, interactive event that brings science, technology, engineering, math, and art to life.

Make Saturday, October 7th a day of family time and spend the day with college students, faculty, teachers, industry scientists, and museum experts who are eager to share their joy and excitement about science with everyone in Indiana.

Robert Yost
Executive Director, Celebrate Science Indiana

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